Programming - 2014-10-13

Have you just got into Java? You've read some tutorials and books on Java and have now got an understanding of the syntax but don't know where to go from there? Why don't you skip over to Adventures in Java and learn how to apply all that new knowledge. Learn how to apply java classes into an adventure game, whilst discovering data manipulation, XML parsing and handling object instances.
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Programming - 2014-10-13

Want to rip apart you favourite old ZX Spectrum game? Want to recreate an it as a remake. Then try zxED to view and convert all those hidden graphics in the old game.
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In The shed

Do not approach the over-grown shed,
For the creature within will have your head.
It sits in the corner among the webs and dust,
Hiding in the dark, hunger is its lust.
Darkness as a cloak, worn all day,
Lurking in the gloom, waiting for its prey.

Pen and Ink


Peering Into The Future - 2014-03-22

We are not far away from computer generated movies being undetectable from real video. Also predictive and creative software is improving at a phenomenal rate. So what! You might think, well imagine this. Take a step into the near future and add your favourite TV series, you know that old one that was brilliantly written but only lasted a couple of series, you just wish you had more episodes to watch. Well, feed the video of the original episodes you have into a computer and run it through the Series Maker Application. What is it? Well I reckon we will be able to develop software that can easily make new models of all the actors using just existing video, recreate every scene into a 3D rendered model then absorb and assimilate every plot and dialogue. But it doesn't just stop there, predictive and creative algorithms will be able to come up with new stories with the same feel as the originals then 'film' each episode using the models. Brilliant, now we can have another series of Faulty Towers, furthers adventures of the U.S.S Enterprise or even recreate brand new episodes from the 1960's Corrie. I can't wait, I really miss Noggin the Nogg.

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