Started up by work mates Roy Carter and Greg Follis in 1983, by writing Ad Astra in their spare time, Gargoyle Games became one of the leading spectrum games companies in the UK.

Ad Astra
AD Astra was Gargoyles first release. An arcade game with good use of the Spectrums limited colour attributes.

Tir Na Nog was astonishing. No other adventure was as well written as this, with the best animations in the Spectrum games market to date. No other company release a game to match this.

Dun Darach
With the success of Tir Na Nog, a follow up was immenent. Dun Darach is really a prequel to Tir Na Nog, but as a game had more features.

People wanted more of Gargoyle Games adventures. Marsport was a completely different scenario with different features making this more of the same, but still just as addictive.

Heavy on the Magic
Gargoyle Games wanted a new approach.Heavy on the Magic was yet another approach to the Gargoyle style. Using a unique graphics system, enlarging the graphics slightly allowed a much larger scenario. This game was suppose to be modular and future scenarios were on their way....

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