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Red Dwarf night on BBC2

What a night, some brilliant entertainment. Well worth staying in for. Normally this sort of viewing has been disappointing, but as usual the team from Red Dwarf have not let it's fans down. Two and a half hours of complete chaos bringing me too tears. 'Can't Smeg, Wont Smeg' was probably the funniest, just watching the stars stay in character in order to cook for Ainsley Herriot. Plenty of one-liners and frolics from all. Universe challenge was just as entertaining, with the stars from Red Dwarf giving some fans a run for their money only to be beaten at the post. A few snippets of the Remastered episodes were shown giving anyone who hasn't bought the videos a sneak preview on what is to come Friday nights as well. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable night.

Red Dwarf night!

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