Tir Na Nog: The Definitive Solution

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With special thanks to John Morton for all his help and tips.


The manual refers to Cnoc Suil, the Speaking eye, several ores can be exchanged for clues.

Somes caves are infested with a breed of wight. Each cave has a colour and in order to banish the host, you must find a precious stone which reflects that colour. The stones are (Emerald , Amethyst, Ruby and Sapphire.)

Taking the quartz to the oracle in Cnoc Suil, gives us the clue 'Words of power in a shower'. From the clues in the manual we know that the Druids have the power to pass through Henges and Standing Stones. Therefore this is a clue to the book which cotains such power and shower refers to the waterfalls found in Glasmarsh. There is in fact a hidden doorway within the large waterfall south of Glasmarsh. Within this waterfall is a book, 'ciuin, clachan'. This translates as mild stones. Go to the north end of Tir Clachan and find the Henges that are neatly laid out, the book is the key to a hidden doorway in the centre of these stones. This is the entrance of the Ice Cave.

Giving the flint to the Oracle, we are told 'key is cold then net unfold'. A cold key would be the ice. Take the ice, from inside the cave, to the door marked with a snowflake (*) as the ice is yet another key. Within this cave is a sting, yet another key. Go to the door with the same shape as the sting, in Tir Clachen. This take you to An Lin, the Net.

The first object you may come across within the Net is a scroll. This is a clue, 'Linger by Finger'. This must mean the stone shape like a finger. There is a Halbard, north of the Net, take this to the finger and drop it for the Stone of Fal. This is a part of the seal and is also your way out of An Lin. Take the Stone of Fal back to the start.

The forest hides one of the talismans, firstly you must speak with Cernos. He will ask 'find my crown for a gift' The crown of the hunter is a pair of antlers. Taking the ring in Lava Flats to the 'O' door, allows access to some Antlers. Take these back to Cernos and he will give you a harp. The words of the Bard speak of the Sidhe within the forest, and work for music to be played on the harp. Whilst you are holding the harp the Sidhe will not attack you and in fact will lead you to a hidden entrance within the forest. I do not know why yet, but the pin that is lying around the forest floor allows entrance through this hidden door and access to the Spear of Lugh.

Nuades Sword is held by Dhomnuil, the words of the Bard explain how Dhomnuil has problems with the Badbha. Walking around Dun Dhomnuil will reveal a door marked with an 'X', you will also notice many bones lying around the caves of Tir Na Nog. The crossed bones are the key to the door and allow you an audience with Dhomnuil himself. 'Calm the raverns for my gift' he will ask. Further wanderings of Badhelm, you should find the door with the symbol 'B', this is the home of the Badhba. Taking this literally and the bee likes honey, maybe a honeycomb even. Entry reveals a sign with a picture of a feather. So, find the feather in ***** and give it back to the Badhba, in return the Badha will give you an oak leaf. I don't know why, but maybe just as proof, so show this to Dhomnuil for Nuades Sword. Take this talisman back to the seal.

Pickup the catapult, this matches the door with the symbol 'Y', in Lon Liath. within here is a bucket.
Taking the horseshoe on the roads of Tir Clachen, unlock the 'U' symboled door in Lon Liath for a bottle.
These are clues, have a look at the tablet and you will see drawings of such objects, these include a bottle, a candle, a bucket and a goblet. Drop each object in front of the tablet and the drawings will be replaced by letters,'WNENE7' in front of your very eyes. This translates to move west to a junction , north, east, north and east. Go get a spade, return to the table then follow these instructions. Here be hidden treasure, on half of the torc.

Find the other piece of torc in Tir Clachen, together they will give you the power of invisibility and protection from Nathair. Activate the torc (by selecting it) and enter Ceardach Calum from either the door in the Lava Flats or using the key to open the door in the Central Plains. Now you can get to Dagda's Cauldron.

Giving the feldspar to the Oracle gives us the clue 'The backdoor key is me'. Daisy means 'Days eye', since the Oracle is an all seeing eye, this means we need an eye for the backdoor. Take the daisy with you to Ceardach Calum as it is the key to the way out and you cannot get passed Nathair when you are holding the cauldron.

For any translations try the McBains Gaelic Dictionary


b HoneycombBadhelmBaldrig's Shrine
x BonesDun DhomnuilDhomnuil's room
y CatapultLon LiathCave
c SandPlain of LiesPlain of Lies
key ---Central Plains---
key ---Plain of LiesShort cut...
u ---Lon Liath---
sting StingTir Clachan*********
f Stone of FalAn Lin, the NetGlasmarsh
* IceSlige Warrens******
q WeightLon LiathCave hiding candle
n Egg------
r PaintingLibraryPlain of lies
Invisible DaisySlige WarrensCairdach Calum

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