Red Dwarf

Episode guide: Series one

1. The End
Lyster comes out of stasis to find the whole crew are dead, from a radiation leak. The only beings left on the ship are Rimmer, a holgram, Cat, an ancestor of Lister's cat and Holly, the ships computer.

2. Future Echoes
Holly stears the ship for earth and manages to break the light speed barrier. In doing so the crew experience echoes from the future and learn some strange truths.

3. Balance of Power
Lister decides to outrank Rimmer by taking an exam, the Chef's exam! All because Rimmer wont let Lister have the hologram disk of Kochanski.

4. Waiting for God
Lister tries to find out about the Cat's people. But in doing so finds that he was their God and his laundery list becomes the Cat equivelent of the Ten Commandments. Meanwhile Rimmer finds a mysterious object floating in space and is convinced it is an alien ship.

5. Confidence and Paranoia
Lister becomes ill and his hallucinations become real. Apart from rainng fish, two men come into existence based on Lister's paranoia and confidence.

6. Me2
Lister finally finds what he thinks is Kochanski's hologram disk, and works out a way to run two holograms on the ship. However his problems are doubled when the disk turns out to be a copy of Rimmer.

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