Red Dwarf

Episode guide: Series two

1. Kryten
When answering a distrest call from a crew of women, discover that all the crew are dead and the Service Mechanoid can't help but serve, even the dead girls. But a little tutoring from Lister, Kryten learns how to rebel.

2. Better then life
The ships post arrive, three million years late, with great gifts. One of them is a new game called Better than Life, bringing all of the crews dreams a virtual reality. However Rimmers brain can't except nice things and ruins the game for the rest of the crew.

3. Thanks for the Memory
After a drunken binge, Rimmer pours his heart out to Lister. In order to give Rimmer some happy memories, Lister downloads some happy time he had with a girl called Lisa. However it all backfires when Rimmer finds letters from Lisa, sent to Lister!

4. Stasis Leak
Holly warns the crew of a stasis leak down on the lower decks. The gives the crew a chance to pop back to two weeks before the ship's radiation leak. Lister wants to tell Kochanksi about the spare stasis chamber in order to save her from the disaster, Rimmer also wants to save someone, himself.

5. Queeg
Holly makes a very serious mistake and a back-up computer takes over control, called Queeg. Queeg now runs the ship with military efficiency, much to the crews dismay. Holly challenges Queeg to a game of chess, the loser gets wiped!

6. Parallel Universe
Holly has event a way to get Lister home, the Holly Hopdrive. However it takes the crew to a parallel universe instead. Lister and Rimmer meet themselves, only female versions. The Cat thinks he is onto a good thing, only to find is oppisite is a dog. Also one of Listers 'futre echoes' becomes true when he discovers he has got himself pregnent by his female counterpart.

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