Red Dwarf

Episode guide: Series four

1. Camille
Red Dwarf rescue a girl from a crashed ship. However they soon realise that each sees her as a different girl. Camille is a pleasure gelf, able to appear in anyones ideal image. Even in her true form Kryten still wants friendship.

2. DNA
The crew discover a strange ship with a DNA modifier aboard. After several tries, Holly manages to turn Kryten into a human,. But Kryten's all time dream becomes a nightmare. To make things worse, Listers mutton vindaloo terrorises the ships crew.

3. Justice
The crew discover a pod bound for Justice World. The question is, does it contain a female prison guard or a hardened criminal?

4. White Hole
Red Dwarf drifts too near a white hole, and time is going freaky. Days whizz pass at one end while seconds drag on in others. The only way out is for Lister to pot a planet into the hole, like galactic pool!

5. Dimension Jump
In another universe Rimmer is a hero. 'Ace' Rimmer helps the crew out from a crash he caused, and discovers this universes Rimmer is a smeg head.

6. Meltdown
Wax - World is an abandoned pleasure park, but all is not right as the crew are caught in the middle of a war of good waxwork androids versus evil waxwork androids.

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