Red Dwarf

Episode guide: Series three

1. Backwards
A new begining, Kryten rejoins the crew. during a fly lesson with Rimmer, Kryten manages to crash a starbug onto an alternative earth, where time flows backwards. Lister and the Cat soon following in order to rescue them.

2. Marooned
Rimmer and Lister share secrets when marooned on an ice planet aboard a starbug.

Red Dwarf is invaded by a polymorph, which can resume any shape and feeds of human emotions. Here we see the crew in a different light when the polymorph feeds of one emotion each.

4. Body Swap
In order to save Red Dwarf from self desruct, the crew experiment in mind swapping with the hologram disk of one of the dead officers. Lister agrees on a mind swap with Rimmer, in order for Rimmer too enjoy life for a while. However Rimmer is bitten by life, and kidnaps Lister's body again.

5. Timeslides
Kryten discovers that some chemicals have mutated whilst developing some photographs. Each photograph becomes a gateway to the past. Lister tries to use this to change his life, leaving Rimmer on his own with Holly.

6. The Last Day.
Kryten's warrenty is up, which means he will shut down and be replaced by a better model. However long term isolation has turned the replacement mechanoid insane.

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